Senthil Kumaran's Relief Agency (SKRA) is a registered Non-Profit organization in Ontario, Canada #1960024.

Our Single "Vel Vel Vetri Vel" 

Launch for Heart Surgery Project

We have funded over 24 life saving surgeries for patients with heart and kidney diseases in Sri Lanka. Donate to help us save more lives.

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100% of the proceeds are donated to fund life saving surgeries in Sri Lanka. All donations and the hospital bills will be enlisted to show transparency.

Help Us Save Lives! 

We have funded over 24 life saving surgeries for patients with heart and kidney diseases (19 when we made this video back in 2017). See below for the list of past surgeries. Click and donate to help us save more lives.

Senthil Kumaran's Relief Agency (SKRA) is a registered 

Non-Profit organization in Ontario, Canada #1960024.

(416) 200-7652

Why Donate?

Every birth in this world has a purpose to serve. Living just for yourself, your kith & kin alone is not enough. The happiness one can attain by reaching out to those who are in dire need, is infinite. In Sri Lanka, the waiting list for free surgeries at the government hospital is long and hence, many lives have been lost over these years. Our goal is to help the most critical cases that needs the surgery. We thank all those who have been making this possible by their donations. We have save 19 lives so far and are hoping to save more!

A request came last week from Mrs. Eswaran Kandasamy (Pullopallai Killinochchi) asking for financial help to fund a lifesaving heart surgery immediately to save her husband’s life. After verifying that they are genuine, I arranged for the surgery, which took place earlier this week successfully. Mr. Eswaran Kandasamy, father of four is alive & well now. The original quotation for the surgery was around 10 Lakhs (SLN Currency). However, Dr. Gandhiji, the chief surgeon & Dr. Lushantha Padmasiri waived their fees upon my request. Further, Dr Raguram who has been coordinating the surgeries with me has brought down the total charges to Rs 569,385 out of which Rs.166,500 was paid by the patient (To be reimbursed by both Presidents fund & Governors fund) and the balance was paid by us.

Amount Sent: $3524 (CDN)

Past Surgeries

More to be posted!

Another life saved due to the generosity of Nivaranam Donors. Kinosan aged 15 years from Settipalayam, Batticaloa underwent double valve replacement heart surgery this past 21st of July @ Lanka Hospital. It's a very complicated surgery which should've costed 12 Lakhs ($10,000). However, both Consultant Surgeon Dr. G.Gandhiji & Consultant Anesthetist Dr. P. Lushantha had waived off their professional charges for this surgery upon my request and the final bill should be less than Rs.600,000 ($5000). Special thanks to both of them and Dr. Raguram who coordinated the surgery with me. My foundation "Hearts For Humanity" (Nivaranam) has funded 1/3rd of that while 1/3rd will be donated from the Presidents fund and the balance of 1/3rd was paid by the patient's family. 

Amount Sent: $1724 (CDN)

Another beneficiary is Amuthachevi (Puthukkuddiyirruppu, Sri Lanka), who has successfully gone through the surgery on January 20, 2017 at Lanka Hospital, where both of her valves in her heart had been replaced. Thanks to all those who made a difference. Her husband & 10 year old son have sent their kind wishes to all the donors. 

Amount Sent: $4,868 (CDN)

Another life saving heart surgery performed at Lanka hospital in Colombo for Jeyandran Sarath who is only 1 1/2 years old. We found out that the parents who are from Kalmunai in Ampara district can't afford the full cost of surgery and hence were stressed out of the situation as the baby was turning blue quite often. We pitched in to share the cost and operation was performed a few days back successfully. Thanks to Dr. Kanchana, Mr. Irfan for performing & coordinating the surgery. Thanks to Christina James for the photos. Full details of cost will be posted once the baby is discharged from the hospital. U can always donate at to help us fund more life saving surgeries. 100% of all your donations are used only to pay surgery related costs. Let's pray for a speedy recovery for Baby Jeyandran.

Amount Sent: $2310 (CDN)

 A request for financial assistance to cover the cost of surgery came about a month ago from cardiologist in Jaffna, Sri Lanka to help save Jathumina’s life who has been battling heart disease for the last 3 ½ years. Only 7 years old, she seemed very frail in the photos. While cross checking the family’s income and status, I came to know that indeed the parents are extremely poor and had been carrying the sick child to various hospitals for the last 3 1/2 years to avoid complications and looking for a permanent fix. The thing that touched my heart was this: After booking the appointment with the Hospital-Surgeon & arranged for the surgery date, I called the mother Tharsini to immediately take her child to the Hospital in Colombo which is 330 km’s away from their home. She hesitantly asked if she could go the following week instead of the same week. When asked the reason, she explained that she couldn’t afford the travel expenses for all three of them to Colombo and postponing a week will give them chance to loan some funds to cover the travel expenses. I felt so bad to hear that and sent immediately $82 to cover that. Further $4041 was sent to cover the surgery, which was performed last week at the Asiri Hospital in Colombo. 

Amount Sent: $4123 (CDN)

Iyalarivan aged 7 from Neduntheevu (3rd ward) son of Tharshini & Vikneswaran underwent a heart surgery @ Lanka hospital. 

Amount Sent: $3,695 (CDN)


of Beneficiaries

Our Single "Vel Vel Vetri Vel" 

Launch for Heart Surgery Project

Nivaranam 2016 - Raised $57,096.23!

Nivaranam (Meaning Relief) fund raiser music show raised $57,096.23 on Sep 11th 2016 to fund 4 projects back in Sri Lanka. Without the donors help it wouldn't have been possible to raise this amount in just 10 days!

1) “Mobile Medical Unit for the physically challenged” in the town of Killinochchi. administered by Uyirillai

2) “Livelihood assistance for women headed families” through Sangami Womens in Mullaitivu

3) “Prevention of School drop outs” through Humanitarian Hands in Batticaloa

4) Alcohol & Drug awareness program for students in Killinochchi

Once again we proved that there are so many good gods among us. During the show, Senthil Kumaran - founder of “Hearts For Humanity” made a plea asking people to come on stage to donate a minimum of $500 each, while knelling down and singing the Tamil song "Isai Kettal Puvi Asainthaadum". A stroll of people rushed and gave a total of $18,000 just during those 5 minutes showing their support for this good cause.

All the expenses of the show for the fundraiser were taken care of by Senthil Kumaran and 100% of donations were given to the cause. 

Thanks to all those who supported & donated.

"Where there is a will there's a way"

Donor Details From Nivaranam 2016